Info for parents - Monday November 1st, 2021

Posted: October 31, 2021

Good evening parents and guardians,

I am currently preparing things for home learning starting tomorrow. By now, all students have their usernames and passwords and know how to use Microsoft Teams. I will be posting all schoolwork there. If you have issues (your child forgot their password, they don't remember how to get into Teams, etc.), please email me at !

Every day at 11:00, I will host an online meeting so that students can ask any questions they may have and just to say hi to their friends! To access the meeting, they just have to go to the Team called "Français 5FI." The meeting will be on the page in blue. They just have to click on the meeting at 11:00 and then click join meeting! 

Of course, you can email me or message me through Teams ANYTIME during the school day if you have questions and 11:00 is not a good time. I would be happy to video chat with your child at another time if you'd like. 

These are uncertain times, but we will do the best we can! I hope everyone had a fun and spooky weekend!

- Mme LeClair