ELA message for 5E, and 5, 6, 7, &8 FI classes for September 17th

Posted: September 17, 2021

Read what you wrote yesterday OUT LOUD.  Fix up any parts that don’t make sense.  Add any missing details or take out/move any details that don’t belong. Any changes you make- use a coloured pen.  Leave this writing piece at this stage for later.

Feel free to repeat this process with another topic from your list.  This will give you practice and build up your writing “bank” and stamina.

This assignment can be added to, depending how many topics you want to write about.  Please follow the pre-writing and post writing activities - don't simply write if possible.  The other parts to "just writing" are very important.  Again, no need to submit the work but please bring it to class when you return to school.