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Grade 5E Cross-curricular

Posted: January 11, 2022

Hello everyone!

Just a note that there are packets for every student available at CMS, if you haven't already picked it up.


Teams Meeting times with Ms. Sullivan

6E Math: 10:30

5E Cross-curricular: 11:15

7/8E Math: 1:00

7E Math: 1:45

Posted: November 10, 2021

Good morning everyone,

Just a reminder that you can find all daily work posted on teams.  We meet at 9:40 AM every day and I will post the work and instructions in our assignment tab of teams.  If you need to download teams to your device here are the links:

Mac Download

Windows Download

Android Download

iOS Download

Kindle Fire - Download from the Google Play store with the Android link above


See you on Teams!

Posted: November 3, 2021

Good morning Grade 5!  I hope you are all rested and ready to learn!!

Here is what I would like you to do today.

I want you to reflect on your brain group project.  I have attached the self-assessment.  If you do not have a printer you can just write the numbers and reflection on a piece of paper.  I want you to rate yourself and then answer the questions on page two.



Posted: November 1, 2021

Good morning 5th Grade,

I hope you had a great weekend and had fun trick-or-treating! Hopefully, you don't eat too much candy today!  Today we will be on teams around 9:40 AM (I have a teacher meeting at 9:00 AM so I hope it doesn't run late!  I would like you to try and log into GetEpic (instructions are attached).  If you get in, I would like you to read or listen to one book then tell me about that book! :)


If you already know how to get into Epic then our class code is: tqp5910


See you soon!

Ms. Sullivan

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Posted: September 23, 2021

Thursday, September 23rd, 2021


Good morning Grade 5!  I really hope you are excited that we are coming back to school tomorrow!  I am excited to see you guys again and can’t wait to do some fun activities!


Art and Personal Well-being: Expressing how we feel can come in so many forms.  We can act, draw, paint, craft, digitally create a presentation, etc.  How could you express how you are feeling about returning back to class? Are you excited? Are you scared? Are you happy? Are you sad?  Do you have a lot of feelings?  Are your feelings a jumble of so many?  What are you feeling? Why are you feeling that way?

Make your creative art piece to show how you are feeling.


I have attached my painting about my feelings.  I have used splotches of purple and yellow mixed together.  I used splotches because I am excited and nervous because there are some changes coming up and we are back to class!  I used purple because it is a happy colour for me and I am so happy to see you all again!  I also used yellow because to me it really shows excitement and my excitement is exploding to return to the class!


See you tomorrow!

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Posted: September 21, 2021

Tuesday and Wednesday, September 21st and 22nd, 2021


Happy Tuesday and Wednesday Grade 5!  Today we will be continuing our learning about bucket filling but we will be looking at how to solve conflicts when we have them with our friends or classmates.  

First, reflect on a time when someone really upset you, annoyed you, or made you angry.  Think about what happened once you had those feelings, do you think you acted properly? Do you think you could have responded differently?

Using the first organizer or drawing the thought bubbles on a sheet at home - what are some ways you can respond in a situation where you are upset, angry or annoyed that will help to make the situation better?


Then look at the problems given on the second page. What are some solutions you could come up with to solve those problems? Write them on the sheet or on a separate piece of paper.


ART: How are you feeling today? Draw, paint, or craft a picture that would show how you are feeling.  I have posted my photo.  Can you guess how I am feeling today?


**Don't forget to keep tracking your food, exercise and emotions!**


Optional book to read:

  1. Go to (or download the app onto a phone or tablet)

  2. Enter class code tqp5910

  3. Select your name


Have a great couple of days!


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Posted: September 20, 2021

Monday, September 20th, 2021


Good morning Grade 5! I really hope that you all had a fantastic weekend!  As we continue to track our food, exercise, and emotions we are going to look at how our emotions can affect us and the decision we make.  First, we will think about how we can help others feel better and be a part of making their days great.


Listen to the book, Have You Filled a Bucket by Carol McCloud and read by Carol McCloud.


Once you have listened to the book think, what does it mean to have a bucket? What does it mean if our bucket is empty? What does it mean if our bucket is full?


Next, print the attachment or draw a bucket on a piece of paper.  How can you fill someone’s bucket? Write all your ideas inside the bucket.


Choose one of your ideas from your bucket, write it on a piece of paper.  Bring this to school with you on Friday.  We will add it to our kindness jar!

You can look at the chart to see how buckets are filled or emptied for ideas.


Happy Monday,

Ms. Sullivan


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Posted: September 15, 2021

How many servings should you have?

PDF icon servings.pdf117.71 KB

Posted: September 15, 2021

What exactly is a serving?

PDF icon what_is_a_serving.pdf281.18 KB

Posted: September 15, 2021

Wednesday, September 15th, 2021


Good morning Grade 5! I am hoping you are all well!  Today we are doing to be focusing on our personal well-being and our personal choices.  Look at Canada’s Food Guide below.  What do you notice? Have you seen it before? Is anything surprising to you?

How many servings of each do you need (for your age)?

Fruits and Vegetable Servings - ?

Meat and Protein Servings - ?

Milk and Alternatives Servings - ?

Grain Servings - ?

For the next week and a half, I am asking that you reflect on your daily choices for what you are eating, your daily exercise, and your emotions. 

I have attached a recording sheet.  You can record one of three ways.

  1. Open the document on a device and type your response

  2. Print the document and write your responses

  3. Look at the sheet and record your responses on a separate piece of paper


Good luck!


If you want to do some physical exercise in your home then I suggest:

PE with Joe

Sonic Yoga

Fresh Start Fitness

Champ Training

Back to School - Would You Rather


No need to do all these in one day, you can choose to do one a day.


Read about Healthy Habits (books assigned)


  1. Go to (or download the app onto a phone or tablet)
  2. Enter class code 
  3. Select your name
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Canada's Food Guide
Serving Amounts
Personal Well-being