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Posted: November 2, 2021

Hello everyone, this is just a reminder that we will be meeting on Microsoft Teams today and every day from 1:20-1:50. This is a time for you or your child to ask questions about the Math assignments. I will be assigning Math based on Math workshop that is done during our regular day. The expected time is 45 minutes and that time will be divided into three different blocks. Students will be expected to complete assigned questions for 15 minutes, play a given game for 15 minutes and go online to work on Dreambox for 15 minutes. To access Dreambox please go to  If it is the first time going on Dreambox at home you will be asked for a school code which is  Knjs/5pjy. All students have a personal password for Dreambox that they have used several times. If they do not remember their password please email me at and I will provide it. Thanks!   




Posted: November 1, 2021

Hello parents and students, we will be using Microsoft Teams to do Home learning and I will be available daily from 1:30 to 1:50 to answer any questions. If you are unable to get on Microsoft Teams to access the materials or have any questions, please email me at Thank you!

Posted: September 23, 2021

Hello everyone, this will be our last day for home learning. Choose a four digit number and answer the questions on the attached sheet. You can email me your answers at I hope to see all of you tomorrow!

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Posted: September 22, 2021

Good morning, here is your home learning for today. You can email me your answers at or complete the assignment on Teams. Thanks, have a great day!

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Posted: September 17, 2021

Good morning everyone, please see attached your home learning for the day. This is a game that you can play with many people and at any time. I hope you all enjoy this hopefully warm and sunny day. I will post your next assignment on Monday. Have a great weekend!

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Posted: September 16, 2021

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. Unfortunately, I won't be seeing you for another week so here is your assignment for today. Remember you can send me your work at

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Posted: April 6, 2020

Hello students and parents. This math assignment is for grade 5 English students.  If you would like to send me your answers or have any questions feel free to send me an email at I can't wait to see you all again. Stay safe and take care!

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