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Posted: September 15, 2021

If you want to try and use Sora, here are the steps.  I hope it works.  Do not type in Campbellton Middle School.  We use the province's account which is NB education and early childhood development.  You DO have to use your school username and password which I hope you remember/and it works.  Good luck!


Step 1: Go to on any Internet-connected device. The app can be downloaded for free (iOS or Android).

Step 2: Log in using your school username and password.

Step 3: Type NB in "Find My School."

Step 4: Select "NB Department of Education and Early Childhood Development”

*Note: do not type in Campbellton Middle School because it will NOT be there.

Well, it is a very rainy day today.  I hope you are all doing well.  I am only adding a short activity for you today.  If you have not had time to do parts one and two of Create Your Own Superhero, please work on that.  Do it on any kind of paper you have at home.  Do not stress over it, I only expect you to try your best and have fun with it.  

Today's task is to list 5 to 10 things from the summer that you could write about.

Here is my list:

My failed garden

Kings Landing visit

walking the train bridge

Losing a dear friend

meeting Millie, my new furry niece (and my dislike of puppies?)

MacCurdy's farm

Mini wool series

return of VIA

Simba's vet visits

busy neighborhood/porch musings

mother-daughter trip 2021

my summer reads

I had to take 10 minutes and go through my facebook posts to add to this list, it didn't just happen quickly...take time to make your list.




This was placed on the school's website page on Monday, September 13th.  This is the original or first part to create your own superhero.

Create Your Own Superhero!


According to Inquiries Journal: a superhero has a combination of characteristics like super strength, telepathy, super intelligence and most importantly they fight against the wrongdoing of their arch-nemesis/enemy.


Fill in the following list to begin creating a superhero(You can fill in as many/few as you want):

1.       Name

2.       Special powers

3.       Alter ego (some superheroes hide their identity and go by a normal everyday alter ego/person)

4.       Weakness

5.       Arch nemesis

6.       Costume

7.       Trademark image/symbol(like a spider for Spiderman or the letter S for Syndrome)

8.       Gadgets (tools to help the superhero…NOT weapons)

9.       Back story/history (explain how they got their powers)

10.   Sidekick (an assistant/someone to help them out)


Tips: keep it simple and based on someone you may know and avoid superheroes that already exist -make them different than any current superhero.


Once you are finished, write a short paragraph about your superhero. You can also make a sketch of them.  When you return to class, please bring your outline, paragraph, and sketch.  I cannot wait to see what you create!

I hope everyone is safe.  I can't wait to see you all in person. But until then, I hope you enjoyed yesterday's project to create a superhero!  If you missed it, please go back and check it out and do before this task.  I look forward to seeing everyone's creation.  Check mine out, attached to this note.  Today, I would like you to write a quick adventure that your superhero has had or could have!  You can do this on any paper you have at home.  Please bring this in to class whenever you are next at school.

File my_superhero_description.docx886.54 KB

This is the final week to pass in your research project.  I recieved 4 projects so far.  Thanks Eva, Connor, Payton and Mikey!  Also, you have until Friday to view the last chapters of Submarine Outlaw.  

The following students are asked to return the following novels when they pick up report cards June 18th.

Connor: The Maze of Bones (book#1 of 39 Clues series)

Shania: Bella at the Ball

Payton: Rule of Three

Drake: Dog Walker

Alyssa: Harry Potter Goblet of Fire

You are responsible to return these novels, thanks.

Posted: May 19, 2020

You can view Submarine Outlaw chapters 22 to 29 on You Tube until June 5th.  After that, they will be removed. Don't forget to like or comment on each video!

Starting last fall, as a class, we gathered information about Oceans.  We read books, watched videos, and searched the internet for facts and details.  After everyone was given a more specific topic about oceans, we made notes from these sources and picked the most important information and started writing a descriptive report in paragraphs.  Some even had an illustration(picture), map or chart to label to go with their topic. 

Now, you get to choose any topic you are interested in – to learn more about or to share with me if you wish.  Once you have gathered all your information, you can choose to share it in a:

  • Poster- with a title and labeled facts and details and illustrations (drawings)/graphics (pictures).
  • Descriptive report – put all your facts and details in full sentences in 3 paragraphs: an introduction, middle and conclusion.
  • Pamphlet – fold your paper in three.  The first page is like a title page, the other 5 sides can be filled in with information and graphics.
  • Power point – a mix of images and facts/details on 3-5 slides.

Once you are finished, ask a parent to take a picture of it (poster/report) and send it to me, or send me your power point to my email:


Don’t forget to source your facts/details by listing the URL address of the sites where you got some good information.  If you used a book, list the title and author.  If you found a great video to help you out, list the title and URL.  It is always important to show where you found your information!

Here are some sites from class that may help you out:


1- kidtopia                                       5. kidrex
2- GoGooligans                                 6. Fact monster
3- Kiddle                                         7.cybersleuth


Due Date: 

Friday, June 5, 2020

Here is the final chapter: 

Feel free to visit his website at

Posted: May 13, 2020

starting next week (May 19th) all of your assignments and information for English will be on Microsoft Teams. If you are having any diffictulty, let Mr. Chapados know during his weekly call or email me.

Don't forget to comment and or like the video...check it out soon; only 1 chapter left!




Added: Tue, Apr 21 2020